Here Is Why You Need To Attend Under The Banyan Tree Concert This Weekend!

Under The Banyan Tree Concert

There is nothing in this world that cannot be solved with an evening of music, and great food, under the stars!

Under The Banyan Tree Concert aims at bringing together different traditions in Indian music. The audience will witness music maestros perform under the tranquil repose of a Banyan Tree with the minarets of the iconic Qutub Minar as the backdrop.

Under The Banyan Tree Concert

Starting off as a three-part monthly series, Under The Banyan Tree On A Full Moon Night will mark the advent of the full moons in the months April, May, and June respectively.

The ‘Baithak-style’ evening will be perfect as the moonlight and music would blend to recreate the poetic charm of traditional musical gatherings, offering audiences an intimate experience with the like-minded fellow music lovers and an opportunity to engage with the musicians as well.

The evening will also be featuring culinary delights created by connoisseurs of traditional Indian Food with a modern twist!

Under The Banyan Tree Concert

The first evening of the series on April 29th will be featuring three artists who represent the vibrancy and rootedness of the rich Indian musical traditions. They are Azeem Ahmed Alvi, Ujwal Nagar, and Qutbi Brothers Qawwal.

If you are someone who enjoys Indian traditional music, then you may book your tickets here.

When | 29th April

Where | 1AQ, Opp Qutub Minar

Timings | 7:00 pm onwards

Entry | Rs 1000 onwards

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