Here Are The 5 Reasons Why The Skyjumper Gurugram Should Be Your Next Go To Place With Your Gang!

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Go WILD and pamper the child in you with the Skyjumper Trampoline and Amusement Park which has a safe and secure environment so that you can fly, jump, glide, fall, and a lot more which you probably can’t do in the real world and these 5 reasons will surely make your mood to visit this place this weekend with your gang or family!


1. Unparalleled Experience

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The place surely doesn’t have any slide or big wheels which shall make you go GAGA over the place when you see them in any other amusement park but this place also doesn’t let you down when it comes to lots of trampoline and places filled with sponge cubes!


2. A World In It’s Own

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FYI, this trampoline park is constructed in around 13000 square feet of area which seems more than sufficient to jump from one trampoline to other!


3. Safety At Par

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Well, the place is well equipped with their safety officials and some terms and condition while you’re there and at every site to help people who are going for their craziest jumps and turns. Also, special care is given to children so that you don’t need to worry about them.


4. Suitable For All Age Groups

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Starting with the age of three, every human of and above that age can enjoy this vast ground fill of enjoyment and kind of things to explore. So bring your family, gang, or even that special someone and have a great time!


5. A Place For Every Kind Of Gathering

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No matter if it’s a school picnic, or some corporate outing, or your kitty party with your ladies group, or even your kid’s birthday, this place has the facility for all kinds of gathering which ensures that you don’t need to think of any other place!


Bottom Line

Bring the kid out of you and enjoy the funtime together with your pals!


Where | SkyJumper Trampoline & Amusement Park, Gurugram and Rohini

Price | Rs. 400 onwards

Check Out | Here

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