Hello, Sexy! Nykaa’s Own Collection Of Scents Is Breaking The Summer Market

If there’s anything that every girl must have on her list of shopping sprees is perfume. And Nykaa – pretty much everyone’s favourite brand right now – has launched its own line of scents. And the chances of spoiling yourself just got amped up to the next level!!

Nykaa has created two new blends under the flagship – Moi by Nykaa. In fact, Moi [French for ‘Me’] is a line that reflects every person’s personal experience, mood, attitude – basically, everything that’s YOU! Moreover, the two scents under the flagship Moi include Raison D’Être and Joie De Vivre – both absolutely worth every penny.

In fact, while one is powerfully subtle, the other delivers a fresh crispiness that just melts your mind in nanoseconds.

So, don’t just sit there waiting for us to gloat further, just head to Nykaa’s app or website and snag your scents RN!

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