Health With Chatkara? Here Is The List Of 7 Places Serving Palak Patta Chaat For You In NCR!

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Delhi was made a hub for chaat and spicy food from the time when Shah Jahan moved from Agra and made Delhi his capital, formerly known as Shahjahanabad! And from there every Delhiite has a love affair with chaat! And the time has come that we have experimented so efficiently that today we have our very own Palak Patta Chaat with us, serving at these 7 places in the city!


1. Prince Chaat Corner

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At the top spot is Prince Chaat Bhandar. This place in GK is known to be one of the most luxurious places serving paan too. Check out their Palak Patta Chaat, served with crispy spinach leaves and all the toppings which make-up a perfect plate of chaat altogether!

Where | Greater Kailash

Price For Two | Rs. 130 (approx.)


2. Bhalla King

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Another place serving lip-smacking palak patta chaat. At this place, the chaat is topped with the red sweet chutney having bananas in it and is garnished with extra Raita boondi and sev.

Where | Lajpat Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 120 (approx.)


3. Raja Chaat

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Raja Chaat corner is the place where you can find a variety of chaat, including the famous palak patta chaat! They;re famous for their aloo tikki, gol gappe, and obviously, the palak patta chaat. Utmost hygiene and cleanliness is taken care of.

Where | Krishna Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 70 (approx.)


4. Triveni Terrace Cafe

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Get a cup of chai and this delicious looking Palak Patta Chaat indulge in dahi and other spices to have a perfect evening snack!

Where | Mandi House

Price For Two | Rs. 155 (approx.)


5. Junkyard Cafe

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Another flavourful dish curated by the Junkyard Cafe. A big crispy leaf of Spinach and topped with dahi, mint chutney, and other spices to give you the best taste.

Where | Connaught Place

Price For Two | Rs. 400 (approx.)


6. Imly

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Another place which is famous for its chaat kind of savories only. Among the varieties of dosas, such as cheese dosa, palak patta chaat is also one a kind dish they serve.

Where | Multiple Outlets

Price For Two | Rs. 250 (approx.)


7. Band Baja Baraat

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The last in the list but not the least. serving the palak patta chaat like all the above but have different taste. The leaf is fried in the batter of besan to make it more crispier and healthy!

Where | Rajouri Garden

Price For Two | Rs. 250 (approx.)


Bottom Line

If you want to have something different from regular chaat papdi, this is the one for you!


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