Head Over To This Place If You Want To Have A ‘Parantha-licious’ Experience In Delhi!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

From Breakfast to evening meal, from home to tapri shop near our office, we can get and have parantha anytime, it’s a kind of go-to meal for us. But if you wanna have the best parantha experience, no other place can serve you better than Moolchand Paranthe Wala.

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What To Expect

This place serves you around 40 kinds of different parantha. Apart from basic aloo and gobhi paranthas, you even also get soya chaap parantha, egg keema parantha!! Yes, non-veg options are worth to try.

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What You’ll Love

Amazing scrumptious Paranthas and on top of that, you get a cube of Amul butter, along with some mint chutney and onions. They also serve kinds of lassi also, and if you order them both, we don’t know any other perfect meal after that!


Bottom Line

You know where to go the next time you have that ‘Parantha’ craving!


Where | Just below Moolchand Metro Station

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)

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