Head Over To These 5 Places In CP If You Want To Satiate Your Hunger Under 500/-

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Want to dine out but month-end crisis really scare you off? Worry not, as these 5 restaurants in CP will remove your hunger pangas, and that too in an economical way so that you don’t have to worry about the bill!


1. National Restaurant

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For all those dilliwalas who drool over lip-smacking butter chicken and dal meat, check this place out if you want to dine in for a portion of good non-veg food and that too economically priced!

Where | Outer Circle, CP

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


2. Jain Chawal Wale

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The place is perfect for all those lunch plans you’ve got. From Rajma Chawal and Chhole Chawal to Fluffy bhaturas, you get it all here. Also have an option to have Chinese, including fried rice with Manchurian, all these under 150/-.

Where | Block P, CP

Price For Two | Rs. 250 (approx.)


3. Indian Coffee House

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The Indian Coffee House is one such coffee place where you can get almost everything you need to start your day with an awesome breakfast, and that too at such low cost like you’re living in the 2000s, starting hot coffee at just 16/- and getting mutton biryani for 102/-.

Where | Mohansingh Place 2nd floor, CP

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


4. Sarvana Bhawan

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Sarvana Bhawan is one such place in CP where you can have authentic South Indian food which includes every cuisine you want at a very affordable price. You may sometimes need to get your table reserved as this place is often packed.

Where | Block P, CP

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


5. Rajasthali

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Want to have unlimited Gujrati food in just 400 bucks? Yes, you heard us right, UNLIMITED like you’re feeling like eating everything that comes in front of you, that kind of craving can be satiated here at Rajasthali.

Where | Middle Circle, CP

Price For Two | Rs. 750 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Enjoy Eating in Central Delhi that too not so expensively!


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Cover Image Courtesy (L) | Source



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