Head For This Secret 2 Day Hillside Trip From Delhi On The 14th

Head For This Secret 2 Day Hillside Trip From Delhi On The 14th

Tired of the boring trip outside of Delhi? Imperfecto is organizing a secret trip away from Delhi for 2 days and they’re offering some MAD things during the entire trip!

What to expect during the trip

So, here’s the thing peeps! Even we don’t where one of our favourite clubs is taking Delhi next week! However, what we do know is that it’s a secret road trip from Delhi that will offer the following few things:

  1. The trip will offer the patrons an experience of a lifetime!
  2. Road trippers will get to indulge in things like: live music, DJ sets, games, food and drinks
  3. What’s better is that for just INR 6,000/person, the guests will get unlimited food, drinks and premium stay

Basically, it’s gonna be a trip of a lifetime and our excitement level is already peaking to the max!

What we love about the trip

Now, there are certain conditions that have been put in place for the trip. Yet, it’s gonna be a grand family and friends trip to the hills!

  1. Stag & kids are not allowed
  2. 2 females need to be there in a group of 5 people
  3. And patrons will also be allowed to carry their own food and drinks. (not that you’d require it!)

By the way, the tickets are already live and you can either buy it online or take it from any of Imperfecto’s outlets throughout Delhi!!

Buy you tix here.

You can even check out more trip details over here.

Excited? Buy your tix RIGHT NOW!!

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