Have You Ever Eaten This Soulful Plate Of Kachori From One Of The Oldest Kachori Seller In Delhi?

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Dilli is full of street food, and have the deepest roots in chat, if you all know, from the Mughal Sultanate! And till now, there would be only 2 or 1 percent of people who won’t be liking the chat, otherwise everyone of us are a die hard fan of it, and to make you a fan of another old place serving a quirky kind of kachori is the famous ‘Bhola Shankar Kachori’

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What To Expect

The man does an extraordinary thing with his kachori. Basically you must have seen people putting ‘aloo ki sabzi’ in kachori, but here, they put a mixture of ingredients with mint chutney and banana chutney which tastes amazing and is quirky in its own way!

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What You’ll Love

The mixture include cottage cheese, peas, and potatoes, plus their famous ‘sonth ki chutney’ does the magic as it include grapes, dry fruits and paneer in it which makes the plate more worthy than it seems!

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Bottom Line

The mixture of whole good things in the form of Kachori!


Where | Bhola Shankar Kachori, Chota Bazar, Shahdara

Price For Two | Rs. 80 (approx.)

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