9 Reasons Why You Should Go For 2017’s Biggest HR Conclave @ Hansraj College!

Hansraj College

India, right now, is living in an economy that has required some really harsh measures in an attempt to revive it. And in the process many people have lost their jobs, hence their livelihoods! Hansraj College is hosting a group of professionals & industry leaders who have tons of knowledge to share & talk about!

30 Second Window:

  • Neenv, The Human Resource Development Cell of Hansraj College is hosting the event. Their aim is to make people aware of the growing need to have stronger HR Development laws.
  • The entire event is an interactive session with a panel of industry leaders & professionals. 9 extremely talented, top players in the corporate world & individual foundations!
  • Neenv understands the need of the hour hence the conclave; that is aimed at generating self confidence in the participating students!

Hansraj College

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I. Amol Parashar, Chitwan, TVF Tripling

Amol Parashar is one of the most talented people in the film industry & showcased his talent in the comedy short series, TVF Tripling! Yep, whether it be playing a DJ or the happy-go-lucky guy, he’s filled to brim with knowledge!

II. Mr. Brijendra Kumar, Director (HR), KPMG

With over 30 years of industry experience in handling various sectors such as – Tech & HR at companies like TISCO, SAIL & EIL among others. He was also a professor of HR Management at HRM, FORE School of Management for 4 years.

III. Sandeep Gandhi, CHRO, Aircel Maxis Group

Sandeep Gandhi is the Chief Human Resource Officer at Aircel Maxis Group, an international player in the telecom industry. Imagine the wealth of knowldge Mr. Gandhi brings to the table!

IV. Mr. Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Limited

Mr. Pranav Poddar is the Director of the Delhi well known radiation freeing company. Syenergy Environics is a one of a kind Radiation Management & Solutions in homes & work spaces to nullify effects of harmful radiations.

V. Sumit Jain, Co-Founder, CommonFloor

Mr. Sumit Jain is an Indian software engineer, an entrepreneur & the Co-founder of online real-estate portal, CommonFloor! CommonFloor is popular & easy way to pave your way through the real estate industry of India!

VI. Savi Sharma, Novelist, Co-Founder, Life & People

Savi Sharma is a publishing phenomenon & a relentless storyteller as hailed by Femina & The Indian Express, respectively. She self published her inspirational novel, Everyone Has A Story!

VII. Rahul Maheshwari, Director, Artists At Work Productions

An Alumni of Hansraj, Rahul started his career as a serial entrepreneur and is now the country manager and investor at DateTix Group Ltd. He is an optimist who follows his heart &  is passionate about film-making.

VIII. Mr. Jitender Parihar, Head HR, HealthKart

Mr. Jitender Panihar is the Head-HR, Talent & Administration @ HEALTHKART. He is a one-man army with vivid skills & an untold story to inspire all.

IX. Mr. Monis Shamsi, Founder & President, You Can Foundation

Mr. Monis Shamsi is a social entrepreneur, Founder & President of ‘You Can Foundation. Besides being a young visionary with tons of experience in investment banking, consulting and education sectors.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you buy your tickets ASAP, seats are limited but the knowledge isn’t!

So, here is the link for the tickets! And don’t forget to check out Neenv’s Facebook page for more updates!

When: 20th February

Where: Hansraj College

Timings: 09:00 am – 03:00 pm

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