Have You Checked Out This Great Golf & Binge Eating Institution In Town?!

Hamoni Golf Camp

Hamoni Golf Camp is the brainchild of two pro golfers & lifelong sportsmen. The camp started about two & half years ago. But here’s the catch! The golf course is just the icing on the cake, the real deal exists in its mischievously smart design & its aim to create awareness about the sport. And while the institution provides coaching sessions to budding golfers & amateurs, it also provides guests with an opportunity to fatten them muscles with a healthy food binge menu!

30 Second Window:

  • The Hamoni Golf Camp is the largest standalone golf training facility in India, which is spread over 16 acres & with 105 practice bays.
  • On a mission to increase the popularity & love for the sport, the institution, provides golf lessons with certified instructors & learning equipment.
  • Hamoni Golf Camp has inspired, encouraged & taught golf, golf related activities at its various camps for school kids, ladies & even corporates!
  • And the best part? There is no fixed membership system, which means that you can drop in, pay & play golf at your own leisure! Now, that’s a life worth living, breathing & golfing around with!

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you get your golf skills up & running! Hamoni Golf Camp hosts various events related to golf & might just host a tournament in the future!
  • You hit the outdoor gym that the camp has for warm ups, work outs & everything fit!. Talking of fitness, don’t forget to hit their cafe, Hamoni Red: Play Cafe, for a warm, playful, foodies’ dream experience!
  • That you chill with your friends over a match or two of board games, console games & maybe a mouthful of Hamoni Red’s classic Margherita, Farmer Fresh & Hamoni House Special pizzas.

Hamoni Golf Camp

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So, check out their Facebook page & keep yourself updated on all the golf & non-golf related events that the camp will be hosting!

Where: CK Farm, Carterpuri Alias Daulatpur NAS, Sector 23-A, Gurgaon

Timings: Tuesday – Sunday from 6am (7am in winters) to 10pm for the golf facility8 am to 11 pm for the cafe.

For Directions: Click Here

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