Gobble Up To These 5 Places Serving Variety Of Spring Rolls You Can Find Here In Delhi

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There is no place where if one serving Chinese Cuisine and not serving spring rolls. Many people are fond of these crunchy rolls, filled with noodles at someplace, and veggies at some others. But we’re here to tell you places where you can get a different variety of spring rolls in Delhi!


1. Crunchy Spring Rolls

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Head over to Chawla Tandoori Junction to have these rrrreeeaaalllly crunchy spring rolls which are served with mayo and their spicy chutney to give the kick! These spring rolls are fried with an extra covering of noodles on top of it to give that crunchy feel!

Where | Chawla Tandoori Junction, Karkardooma

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


2. Gravy Spring Roll

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Thaath Baath in Paharganj will make you drool over their ultimate gravy spring rolls where they put some extra thick gravy as a topping on their spring rolls and are served with mint chutney which are irresistible to have!

Where | Thaath Baath, Paharganj

Price For Two | Rs. 80 (approx.)


3. Crispy Spring Rolls

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Wong’s Kitchen has a lot of things to eat which you’ll get a fan of and one of those is the crispy spring roll which has a covering of bread crumbs and then it is fried again to give you a crunchylicious experience. A topping of fried noodles and with mayo and spicy sauce just makes a wholesome good experience.

Where | Wong’s Kitchen, Rohini

Price For Two | Rs.120 (approx.)


4. Tandoori Spring Rolls

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Khanna Tandoori Junction does its job well when they started to sell tandoori spring rolls. Just like the momos are now made tandoori and afghani, these guys came up with a new concept of making spring roll with tandoori sauce and giving it a coal warmness to give you a tandoori taste in a spring roll.

Where | Khanna Tandoori Junction, Krishna Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


5. Chicken Spring Rolls

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For all those meat lovers, this place serves some good tender chicken in the spring roll to give you the taste of both worlds. The place serves these fantabulous spring rolls with their two kinds of chutney as well.

Where | Hot and Tasty, Green Park

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Head over to these places ASAP and you can thank us later!


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