Lady Baga in Connaught Place is here to fulfill all our Goa fantasies


Part beach shack, full hippie. Lady Baga, Olive’s newest kid on the block, is thoroughly Goan in spirit, at heart, and in the kitchen.

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I have always wanted to go to Goa and have the perfect weekend of my life but as unpredictable and hard-hitting this life is, my friends and I have forever and a day terribly failed in planning the ideal Goa trip. It’s been years and we’re still stuck in Delhi trying to get away to Goa in our next holidays. I got a feeling that those of you who’s reading this can absolutely relate to my predicament.

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How about I say our much-loved restaurateur AD Singh has something astounding in store for us? Lady Baga, the much anticipated and desired cafe has finally hit its shores in CP. Yes fellas, after all its time to put on the hippie bandanas and goa chappals and head to Connaught Place to experience the best Goan afternoon right here in Delhi. So what if we couldn’t plan a trip south? Our prayers have been answered and we’ve got the Goa feels right here in Central Delhi.

Have you also been craving to visit the shacks, experience the seaside lazing around on the benches, take pleasure in a relaxed and fun environment and yes of course eat the succulent sea food? We’ve got plenty to thank AD Singh for. He’s a brilliant restaurateur with heaps of successful restaurants up his sleeves. He’s always had a knack to create something exclusive and if you’ve ever been to one of his restaurants (Olive, Guppy by Ai, The Fatty Bao, and Monkey Bar) then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Be prepared for the Goan Interiors

Lady Baga is located in P Block, right opposite PVR Rivoli, but the decor will make you feel like you’ve entered a hovel. If the sand, the beach chairs, the hammock, the colourful cushions, goa pottery, brocade cholis  and the retro walls don’t make you feel like you’re a part of the hippie crowd in Goa, the front protrusion of waves on the walls will surely do it for you. All of these little things together help in completing the look and giving the much desired funk and vibe while the colourful bar and decor compliments the subdued sea view.

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How about some succulent and juicy fish?

Lady Baga boasts of being the only place in Delhi to be offering authentic Goan food but it has other food items too because shack food is about stepping out of the archetypal stuff. Be geared up for Goan Chorizo Pulav and Pork Vindaloo if you couldn’t go all the way to Goa to grab a plate. The Pork Vindaloo delicately balances the sour with the hot; the Goan Prawn Curry is not overpowered by the coconut; and the Chourico/Choris Pulao made with the smoky, spicy and sun-dried Goan pork sausages is a conversation-stopper.

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The meal gets heavenlier when you wash it down with Chourico Mary —cashew-infused vodka mixed with chourico-infused tomato juice.

The Chicken Burger at Lady Baga comes as no surprise, nor does the Yellow Submarine. You can also order omelettes, sandwiches and banana milk shake. The crowning glory in this department, of course, is the Banana French Toast topped up with peanut butter mousse and scoop of ice-cream, drizzled with caramel sauce. Just this one is enough to quell your hunger pangs.

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Even the drinks here make you feel right in the middle of a beach with vodka shots flavoured with coastal flavours like coconut and jamun. Apart from that, be prepared for crazy cocktails like Goan Chorizo infused Bloody Mary.

This place is  on my quick bucket list and i believe I’ve given myriad reasons for you to visit the Lady Baga ASAP! Come down y’all.

Location: P-3/90, Connaught Circus, New Delhi, India

Timing: 12:00 PM to 12:30 AM

Contact: 081306 56644

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