Go Overseas! These 10 Holiday Destinations Do Not Require A Visa!

Charmed by the idea of traveling overseas for your next vacation but want to avoid the hassle of the visa process?

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Well, no need to worry, there are several countries that can be visited without the requirement of a prior visa.

While many of these countries do not require visa at all, others are happy to stamp one on your passport on arrival. So, grab your passport, pack your bags, head to the airport and buy a ticket ASAP!

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Bhutan is also called the land of happiness. Lucky for Indians as we do not require a visa to visit this country. Take a short flight or hit the road and be mesmerized by the beauty you see en route Bhutan. Get a glimpse of the majestic Himalayas, and admire the architectural beauty that the country has to offer!

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Honeymooners’ favourite destination, Maldives is a land of beaches, blue lagoons, and coral reefs. It grants free visa on arrival to Indians for up to 30 days. So all you need is your passport and a return ticket. The country boasts of some of the best beach resorts in the world. Make sure you enjoy your stay at one of them on your trip.

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Jordan is the country that began granting Indian citizens visas on arrival. Visit the heritage site of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, or simply take in the beauty of the barren desert of Wadi Rum. The Arab nation is home to a number of ancient monuments and ruins but that’s not all. Jordan also has the sun, sand and sea and nature reserves.

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Home to the famous, Bob Marley, this crown jewel of the Caribbean is a must visit place for all the island lovers. It makes you feel that this is the island to be stranded on if that day ever came. The green landscapes, soft sandy beaches and majestic mountains, all of them giving out the perfect blissful vibe.

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Fiji is another beach option for the avid travelers. It’s underwater view is surreal and some of the best dives in the Pacific are available here. It’s an archipelago of more than 300 islands, so you have a lot of activities to catch up on if you are able to get away from the mesmerizing beach.Fiji tourist visa is not required for citizens of India for a stay up to 120 days.

Sri Lanka
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This is a one stop destination to explore heritage, scenic beauty, wildlife, festivities and thrilling sports! Its diverse landscapes range from rain-forest and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. It’s famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins, including the 5th-century citadel Sigiriya, with its palace and frescoes.

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Bolivia boasts of six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more importantly being home to some part of the Amazon jungles. It grants a 30-day visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. One of its most popular tourist attractions is the Witches’ Market where you will find local witch doctors wearing black hats selling potions, powders and amulets to enhance your beauty, luck and fertility. Used in Bolivian culture, these trinkets can be a good souvenir to take back home. Don’t miss a trip to the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat.

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One of the most unexplored countries, Africa has many places to visit, but we suggest you start with Kenya. For it’s savannah, lakelands, the Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands and abundant wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos will take your breath away. Visa is issued on arrival for a max. stay of 90 days for Indian nationals.

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Madagascar is a home to a lot of species, and the experience the you would take from here will be worth every penny. Nature and outdoor lovers will find lemurs, rainforest, beaches, desert, diving and treks as good enough reasons to visit this place. Visa can be obtained on arrival for a max. stay of 90 days.

British Virgin Island
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No longer a virgin to tourists, this place is a part of a volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean off the coast of Puerto Rico. With consistent trade winds and currents, protected bays and unique pirate-ship bars, this is one of the world’s sailing hot spots. Visa won’t be required here for 30 days.

So, guys! Start packing today!

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