Shopaholics, Now Shop Fuss-Free Cause GK II M Block Market Is Set To Become A Pedestrian Friendly Zone!

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For as long as we remember, GK II M block Market has been every shopper’s haven! The market houses the best of brands and also cheap deals for those on a budget. But, what really irks a shopper’s outing is the constant chaos of traffic that our Delhi is infamous for. The good news, though, is that GK II M Block market is soon going to become a pedestrian-only zone. Phew!

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After undertaking the feat to make the entire Delhi 6 area traffic-free, the authorities are now all set to do the same for GK II M block market because even though it’s a small market, it still has a high footfall. All motorised vehicles will be prohibited to enter the market after the implementation of the plan.

Once the plan is in action, the authorities will also focus on the beautification of the market and make it more customer-friendly. From installing benches to revamping the street furniture and also enhancing green spaces opposite the lanes, GK M II market is soon going to get a makeover!

Here’s to hoping that the market gets congestion-free super zone for us shopping lovers!

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