Girls, You Gotta Have Some Fun With Your Girl Gang For This Galentine’s & Here’s How

Know It All In 30 Seconds

There’s nothing better than the company of your girl gang and the time that we love to spend with them! AND, how can we miss out on the day that is much needed! We are talking about Galentine’s day, another day of love. So, here’s what you need to do for a loveable yet fun time!

1. Start Your Day With A Shower

Nothing beats a bubbly and a hot shower! Start your Galentine’s day with some bath bombs and aromatic soaps to put the worries away. Sounds fun, right? It’ll be more fun with those bubbles and soaps!


2. Brunch

Now that you got together with your gal gang, it’s time you start with the food! An elaborate brunch sounds amazing! Add a mimosa or two and throw in some sweet treats, because why not spoil yourself?


3. Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself (because no one else will) with some facemasks and manicures along with finger food and a bubbly, you can probably find a fun time! So, get those nails painted, girls, and flaunt them around! Sounds, pampered, right?


4.  Style Yourself

Get those glamourous clothes out of the wardrobe that is waiting to take a stroll with you out of the house! Experiment with your gals with looks that are different. Because, when will you do it otherwise, almost never!


5. Go On A Date

You don’t always have to get a/your boyfriend to enjoy a good meal or have a fun date! Take your girlfriends out and have the time of your life or probably just a good day, no pressure!


6. Pajama Party

Throw in some cozy pajamas and do what makes you happy. Talk about people, watch a movie or maybe just sit in silence! All that matters is having your girl gang with you!


7. Bitching

Bitch about those people from your lives, who are no less than villains, we all have them, don’t we? Or maybe bitch about some random person or personality, who cares?


8. Make Yourself Loads Of Cocktails

Now that you don’t have a pla–, you can make yourself some amazing cocktails and drink your heart out! That may or may not make you happy, but will definitely be fin, trust Pheebs!


9. Go Shopping

Shop and get all the things you’ve wanted to have! You don’t really have to think what others will say, they always have something to! Take your girls and buy the weirdest things that make you happy!


10. Discuss The Funny & Creepy DMs

You all have some stranger or multiple strangers, sending you creepy DMs! Deer, you gotta read them and maybe send them some creepy replies back, that might make them stop?


11. Prank Call Your Ex

Your lovely ex hasn’t called for a while and you haven’t too? Give them a ring, just not with your phone, make a prank out of it, because you gotta have something to laugh about!


12. Create A Ritual And Burn Your Ex’s Things

Burn all those things that you still have, from your ex! Trust the F.R.I.E.N.D.S gang, they know it. But, don’t burn down your place, it’s more important that you have a roof to stay under!


13. Create Some Reels

Take a few silly pictures and make some cringe-worthy reels that you regret later! Because you still gotta have fun, now you’ll just have reasons to do things that you wouldn’t, otherwise!


14. Get Drunk & Dance On A Typical Dance Number

Put on some sexist dance numbers and see how it goes, dance your heart out and again, hate that song, for the rest of your life! That’s what spending time, with your girls means!


Bottom Line

Have a happy Galentine’s Day and do some weird things!

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