Get Your Favourite Crockery This Festive Season From These 15 Wholesalers Here In Delhi

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Azad Market is said to be Asia’s largest market place having crockery stores. From commercial to the household to hotel wares, this place has it all. From imported brands to made in India brands, you can find every kind of crockery here and these 15 vendors shall help you get your favourite crockery at the best price!


1. J Prasad

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One of the best names in the crockery industry is J Prasad. From Made In India brands to Imported brands, you can find all in here at both wholesale and retail prices.


2. Lakshmi Crockery House

Lakshmi crockery house

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From Bonechina to Melamine, you can get all kinds and stuff of crockery in this place. Check this place out for some unique kind of crockery designs.


3. Kohli Crockery House

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Kohli Crockery House has some exclusive Dinner sets, apart from a variety of drinks glasses of different designs. One can also buy brands such as Borosil and Cello.


4. Unique Crockery

Unique Crockery House

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As their name speaks, you can find really unique crockery and designs here at ease. The staff would surely help you with finding your best suitable design for you!


5. Anuj Crockery House

anuj crockery house

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Another Brand in the Azad Market is the Anuj crockery house. They deal both in wholesale and retail orders of crockery and houses many varieties of the household to commercial use crockery.


6. Kundan Lal & Co.

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This place is the prime distributor of Somny crockery. You can find every set of glass and plates or even dining set of Somny and other brands here at wholesale prices! They especially deal with caters’ crockery!


7. Keerat Hotelware

keerat hotelware

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You can find acrylic, unbreakable glass and unique cafe items which you may have seen in many food outlets such as bottle holders, tissue holders, etc. Price starts as low as 15/-


8. Rajasthan Crockery House

rajasthan crockery house

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This place deals with wholesale orders only. You can find a unique kind of glass mugs and cups, including shows glasses from brands like Somny, Borosil, Green Apple, Diamond, etc.


9. Rahul Crockery

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This place house crockery sets and even home decors made up of Melamine, Bone-china. You can check out their dinner set starting at just 300/-!


10. Kishor Agencies

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You can’t get the price at what this wholesale shop sells. You can find brands like Cello, Borosil, Corelle, Ocean, and a lot more. A two-piece set of Borosil crockery can be bought in as low as 300/- only!


11. Taneja’s

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Taneja’s in itself is a brand that sells a variety of crockery in the market. You can find a huge collection of coffee mugs, drinks glasses, dinner sets, and even gift collections.


12. Sanjay Crockery House

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Sanjay Crockery House is another brand name in Azad Market which is famous for its wide variety of crockery and the wholesale price it provides. You can also get a special discount in the Diwali season if you order in bulk from here.


13. Prince Traders

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This place is divided into 4 story-building and by this means you can get end number of choices in crockery. From commercial use crockery to the household one, you get all in here starting at just 60/-


14. Hindustan Pottery Agency

Hindustan pottery agency

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From a unique kind of serving dishes used in star restaurants to household kitchenware, this place has it all. Check out their different kind of collections and grab them all!


15. Frontier Glass And Crockery

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Last in the list but among the top with others, this place offers you a lot of variety of dining sets, restaurant ware, for household, and for commercial purposes.

Bottom Line

Diwali Season’s around the corner and you should not miss this market at all!

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