Get These 5 Affordable White Wines Stock Up In Your Bar For Upcoming Festivals!

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The next big festival of the year is coming up ahead, maybe the last, but not the least, with full of ‘ho-ho’. Yes, we’re talking about Christmas which is celebrated full of joy and fun around the world, which brings us to a tradition of drinking wine with family. And for that occasion, we’ve curated a list of the 5 best white wines that won’t make a hole in your pocket!


1. Grover Zampa La Reserve

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If you want something which can go smooth with your grilled chicken or fish, then you can go for this wine, which has been aged for approximately 6 months in the oak barrels in Nashik. The hint of honey and smooth texture makes it an awesome wine to cherish!


2. Campo Viejo Tempranillo Blanco Viura

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If you want to taste the authentic flavour of Spain then this wine is made for you. Aged for almost 4 months in Oak Barrel make this wine an irresistible one! No matter if you have something tandoori or some pasta on your plate, this wine will suit you in both ways!


3. York Vineyards Chenin Blanc

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This wine is also curated in Nashik Vineyards in Oak Barrels and is famous for the hint of pineapple and guava in its flavour. It is advised to serve this wine between 18 to 20 degrees temperature to have the best taste!


4. Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

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You’ll get a fruity vibe while having sips of this wine. Originated from the vineyards of New Zealand, this is the recommended drink for those who like something fruity. The citrus flavour makes this drink more of a kind of welcome drink for the guests.


5. Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay

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This one is one of the favourite wines among the drinkers and lovers of white wines. This Australian fermented drink has a flavour of citrus and melons which gives a little sweet taste. One of the best wines to have on a Christmas dinner!


Bottom Line

Grab few bottles ASAP before the stock gets over!


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