Get 15 Offbeat Types Of Samosas At Krishna Nagar’s Hidden Gem

Where | Aman Namkeen Bhandar, Krishna Nagar

Price for two | 150 ( Approx)

Samosas have always been the answer to our evening hunger pangs. But if you are bored of having the usual samosa with the normal aloo stuffing in it then you should try the ones served at Aman Namkeen Bhandar in Krishna Nagar.

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This place is serving a bunch of offbeat samosas which none of us can even think about. If you are a paan lover then you will love this.

Aman Namkeen Bhandar serves Paan Samosa which has a bunch of flavours like gulkand, cardamom and clove in it and is green coloured! *WHAT*

Besides their amazing Paan Samosas, they have 14 other quirky and delicious samosas which you cannot even think of! There is Blackcurrant, Chilli Paneer, Chilli Potato, Matar Paneer, Makhni Paneer, Soya Chaap, Pizza, Pasta, Macaroni, Gobhi, Soya Keema, Chowmein and of course Chocolate.

What caught our attention were the Paan Samosa and Blackcurrant Samosa. The Blackcurrant Samosa is again a very limited type of samosa found here and truly an unusual one.

We are dying to try this and other offbeat samosas at this tiny namkeen shop.

So next time some guest show up unannounced, you know where to order your samosas from!

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