8 Classic Games That’ll Take You Back To Your School Days (Nostalgia’s On Its Way )!

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Hey there, yes you, decked up with pending assignments and crazy deadlines, take a breather, will you? We know adulting is tough ‘cause paying your own bills isn’t as fun as picking up whatever toys you liked from a shop without worrying about how much it costs, and so was our school lives, when the only BIG problem in our lives was the homework, isn’t it?

They say that your school life is the best and we all know it now when lunch breaks are all about target discussions, and weekends are just to sleep. But since we love you with all our hearts, we thought of taking you down the memory lane, when recess was all about gulping down the lunch and rushing to the playground to play with our pals. And if this got you smiling, then here’s a list of games that we’re sure you all must have played. Check ‘em out!

1. Hide & Seek

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This is the best and the most evergreen game that we all have surely played a zillion times during our lunch breaks. School had some amazing places to hide in and washrooms were our favorite ones! Some of us, who were really mischievous must have tried the staff rooms as well (Caught ya, didn’t we?). The poor seeker or denner as we called them, had to be super vigilant and assertive to not get ‘dhappa-aad’, remember?



2. Kho- Kho

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Oh, of course, you remember this one, the most popular tag games amongst the school-youngies. Dividing two teams and then choosing whether to run or to chase. You all most definitely had a cute little fight with your mates while dividing the teams, because everyone wanted to be in the winning team. The speedy peeps were treated like kings in this game, oh we so wish we could run that fast! And guys whenever we could see ourselves losing we would use the best weapon, The CHAIN KHO (kho kho is all we could hear during this time), did you?

3. Ice-water

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Okay, guys, we all know the drill for this one, haina? One dener had to freeze out all the other members and shout ICE (or baraf) while doing that, while the safe members would try to rescue the targeted mate by tagging him and shouting WATER (paani). This might sound too easy right now but back then it was all a mission to us (woah, so much pressure). There was a weakling who was not too fast and was frozen every time and was really the easy target, we hope you were not this or were you?

4. Pitthoo

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Collecting small stones or pieces of marbles from the neighborhood for a pitthoo match with ya fellas must have been an adventurous part of your school time (we know it all guys). Arranging the pitthoos before the opponent team hits you with the ball was so thrilling, but getting hit in the back with that damn ball wasn’t haina?

5. Dog In The Bone

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Splitting yourselves into groups of 2 and then placing any object (hankies, remember) in between and then numbering yourself accordingly (we always liked animal names, wbu?). 2 players, one from each team trying their level best to take the bone and run away while the other one trying to catch them. This game was full of enthu and we all must have picked the bone considering a bit to be a trophy (What an achievement, indeed). You all must have tried to fool your opponent to get the bone and make your team proud of you!

6. Dumb Charades

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They say ‘Action speaks much louder than words’, Duh! You guys must have known this much before being intellectual and all, the game of Dumb Charades must have taught y’all about how actions are important. Zipping your lips and acting the movie, desperately waiting for your teammates to guess it before the tick-tick 1,2.. Begin, was the only mission in our tiny heads at that time! Pat yourself right now if you could enact even the most difficult movies and made that winning score!

7. Truth And Dare

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This one has literally defined the school life of generations, like really! Whenever the teacher was absent or during bus journeys to picnic spots, this game was a total savior. Also, we bet you all smartass peeps must have used this game to get the truth out of someone’s mouth, especially your crushes (wink wink). Also, the DARES were really terrifying at times when it involved something really courageous, weren’t they?

8. Kabaddi

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Now, this was no joke dude, the game was pretty competitive and y’all have been dying to win and boast about it later ( just school things, you know). Two teams scattered in a large arena and one member from the opposing team tries to tag any member of your team and then rush back hurriedly to his area while they try to impede you from doing so. This game saw all kinds of pushing, pulling, team spirit, like gosh everything. How many of you had your uniforms torn because of this RAD game? Well whatever it took, it was all fun to win and feel like a boss.

Had a nostalgic moment? If you did, then it’s time you pick your phone, make a Whatsapp group with your school buds, and let this Sunday be all about making the kid inside you jump in joy!

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