From Junk Shells To Pods: Experience Comfort And Entertainment All In One

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Talking about reusability, this is one of the very good things that you’ll come across. Maple Pods use junk automobile shells for Hospitality & Entertainment! They get you a great experience, along with something unique. These pods provide different services and you’d definitely love them. Read on to find out more about this unique and fun venture.

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What To Expect?

They have more than 35 themed pods including NapPods, Cinema Pod, Gaming Pod, Dine-In Pod, WorkPod, LeisurePod, and a lot more! The idea is to create pods for Tourist Destinations, Cafes, Airports, Stations, Hospitals, Campuses, and Highways, to offer people privacy and space to refresh. The great part is that Maple Pods is looking forward to expanding with bigger spaces, inside Buses, Trucks, Aircraft, and even military vehicles. So, there’s a lot to explore!

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What You’ll Love?

Along with offering privacy, they also offer comfort, affordable services, food, free Wi-Fi, and entertainment! To book you also have the ease of using the mobile app, and you can find the nearest pod (location-based search), create a Booking, Unlock/Lock, control entertainment screens, track Pod locations, and pay for the bookings. In addition, the app will also store and recall POD Unit settings such as seat adjustment positions, internal temperature, and much more! Isn’t this just amazing?

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Bottom Line

Book yourself a pod, for a good, fun time!

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