Have You Tried This Frizza Nacho Burger At GTB Nagar Yet?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Pizza, burger, fries, nachos- ALL IN ONE! If that sounds incredible to you, we’re gonna let you believe your eyes. This food joint in GTB Nagar rolls out this tantalizing Frizza Nacho Burger to get your drools on the high! Read on!

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What To Expect?

Lovegrill Hudsonlane is one of the most famed cafes in GTB Nagar and is in the frequent halt list of many North Campus peeps. It serves a wide array of mouth-watering, dishes with this Frizza Nacho Burger being the star of their menu.

What You’ll Love?

This Instagrammable delicacy has two inverted slices of burger, stuffed with nachos, veggies and loads of mayonnaise. The burger is topped with a fries infused Pizza and the entire tuck is plated out with even more fries! Craving already?

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Bottom Line

So, pop out from under the rocks and head straight to this place ‘coz you simply can’t afford to miss out this chunk of happiness!

Where | Love Grill, G17, Shop 2, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar, New Delhi

When | 11 A.M. To 11 P.M.

Location | Here

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