Dilli! Are You Going For Friendicoes’ Puppy Love Fest This Weekend?


First time parents of furry little babies should know that 12 sweethearts will be waiting for them at Friendicoes’ Puppy Love Fest this weekend! The entire love affair will take place in DLF Place Saket, 12 onward, so play with the pups for a while!

30 Second Window:

  • 12 adult abandoned dogs & desi cutie pups will be visiting the mall on 25th & 26th!
  • Have a heart & show them the path to a sweeter, more loving home than the mean streets!
  • This is the perfect occasion for people who wish to have a baby together that asks for nothing but love!
  • So, don’t think too much! Dogs, as we know, our a man’s best friend! But we know that they are much more than that man!


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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you tell all your friends about this event & keep yourself updated too!
  • And please guys, show those cuties some love, they have feelings too, just like us!

So, check out Friendicoes’ FacebookInstagram page for constant updates & news!

When: 25th – 26th February

Where: DLF Place, Saket

Timings: 12 pm onward

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