Forget Sarojini, This Place In Old Delhi Is The Gold Mine Of Junk Jewellery!

Where | Kala Masjid, Bulbuli Khaana, Sitaram Bazar, Old Delhi
Guys! We have found the answer to the one question every shopaholic going to Sarojini or Janpath asks.
Where do these vendors buy all this stuff from?
The answer lies in the narrow, unexplored lanes of Old Delhi. Located in the Bulbuli Khaana of Sitaram Bazar is a road by the name of Kalla Masjid, which is the gold mine of junk jewellery.

Most of the shops here are wholesale sellers, but if you ask around -there are a few which sell single pieces as well. A brass earring that costs around Rs 80 in Janpath, is available for only Rs 20 – 30, depending on your bargaining skills!

You can also shop for studs and other beautiful pieces, to add a touch of bling to your simple outfits.

For those accompanying the shoppers who want to try amazing old Delhi food, there’s a Kashmiri Kebab place at the beginning of the lane!

So, it is a win-win situation for everyone!

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