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So, mental therapy and wellness have recently taken a huge step forward! But sometimes, people may not want to confide in any person; be it a friend or psychologist. So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could cuddle with cute little puppies to forget all that stress?


Therapuppy in Saket is a one of a kind brand that gives puppy therapy with adorable little pups. Ones that can easily melt you in their infinite cuteness. And if you’re a dog lover, then this is the greatest gift you could ever get!


So, how does it work? Therapuppy has 7 adorable dogs named Oscar, Buttercup, Muffet, Louise, Melody, Snuggles and Bao! And for all who might be facing mental stress can register for a puppy therapy session with them. Moreover, the brand focusses on working with old age homes, orphanages, corporates & private sessions too!

And while normal sessions with these cute puppies would cost you INR 2K/hour. For corporate sessions, Therapuppy offers packages startin’ INR 5K/hour.

Isn’t that absolutely adorable? So, what are you waiting for? Call Therapuppy rn and book your session with these adorable pooches!

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