Foods To Get You Through “Dilli Ki Sardi”

Know it All in 30 Seconds.

During the Winters, everyone has a different perception about “Dilli Ki Sardi”. For some, it is the time for parties, Christmas Parties & New Year Parties. And for some, it is just the time for hiding in a blanket. We don’t know which of the following categories you belong to, but we know for a fact that you’re here because you need the warmth of your favourite food this winter.

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1. Gajar Ka Halwa


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Starting with the good old, Gajar Ka Halwa is our gateway drug for the winters, no debates. It’s highly customisable so to eat it with dry fruits inside or put ice cream on the top is up to one’s level of craving.



2. Gingerbread


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A Christmas without Gingerbread is a Christmas not celebrated. Soft Gingerbread Houses or snappy but smiling Gingerbread Men are the treats you deserve this winter.



3. Cinnamon Tea


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A cup of hot cinnamon tea is an energizing drink that can also help you to cut the calories out of all the sweet things you will be having this winter.



4. Hot Chocolate


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But, if you’re a sane person who doesn’t care about counting calories from the winter treats, you deserve a large cup of hot chocolate along with a choice of putting marshmallows or a scoop of chilling ice cream on the top.



5. Chikki


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Did you know that the chikki is called “Peanut Brittle” in English? That might kill your mood but eating might get the good vibes back. This is the most binge-worthy snack of the winter and we can’t get enough of it either.



6. Frothy Hot Coffee


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For working people and students preparing for their exams during the winters, this cup is the elixir of life. All it needs is the mental and physical strength of making a concoction to prepare one else, a good cup might cost you Stars of Bucks. 



7. Paya Soup


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Coming down to something spicy, Paya Soup is the best winter treat known to a mutton lover. It is a Bone-Broth soup that is delicious yet can help you recover from Cold, Flu or Joint-Pain caused by cold weather.



8. Makki ki Roti & Sarson ka Saag


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This is a combination that can make you crave winters throughout the year. How can we miss this out?



9. Hot Gulab Jamun


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Hot Gulab Jamuns are savoury delights you can’t get enough of neither can you have just one of them, we always crave for more.



10. Moong Dal Halwa


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If there’s a competition between Gajar Ka Halwa and Moong Dal Halwa, who would win? Your taste buds would! Moong Dal Halwa can never disappoint you.


Bottom Line.

We don’t know if you like the winters or not, but we know that everyone likes the “Sardi Ka Khaana”. This blog is a celebration of those foods.



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