Food Stories On One Plate: The Tales Behind AnnaMaya’s Meals That Win Hearts & Minds

So, the great thing about food is that regardless of where you’re from it brings people together by weaving stories. In fact, that’s what made us come back to AnnaMaya for a second, third and fourth helping of the experience. ‘Cause it’s one of the best places to eat in Delhi.

AnnaMaya has a very specific aim, which is also the source of its unique experience. These guys promote the stories of Indian farmers and the best food in Delhi and something we’ve never seen before!

AnnaMaya allows all their guests to buy the culinary ingredients. Which means, that you can literally go up to the counter, pick up (say) a fruit and take it home! Just like we found a whole bunch of rock salt on every table at the Food Hall.

The rock salt at AnnaMaya is sourced from Ranikhet, where a bunch of women come together for the production of the rock salt. In fact, the rock salt on every table is accompanied by a piece of metal to scrape off the salt and mix in your meal as per your needs. You can read more about this here.

Inspired yet? Guess what?

AnnaMaya has been divided into 5 sections. And every section has something on sale. In your beverage section, you’ll find fresh fruit on sale. In the Tandoor section, you’ll find the spices on sale. And no matter where you sit, all the cutlery is on sale!! Exciting? HELL YEAH! In fact, if we had our way, we would drop by here EVERY DAY! [And not just to buy things, if you get our vibe!]

And that was just beginning of our love affair with AnnaMaya. Because even as the sun changed shades, we found ourselves getting cosy in a colourful corner, sipping on coffee until we recognised the familiar aroma of the coffee! AnnaMaya sources all its coffee beans from Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters – who buy only the best coffee beans from domestic coffee farmers. Check out their inspiring story here.

Ps. you can read about AnnaMaya and our full day experience here.

By the way, did we mention AnnaMaya rotates its menu every few weeks? Moreover, they strike off any meal or ingredient if it’s not in season.

So, you know that you’re not just eating the freshest of meals but also the most deliciously sinful ones! Heading over? Come say hi asap!

Where | Asset Number 1, Andaz Delhi, Aerocity

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