Good News! A Y-Shaped Flyover May Come To Rescue Us From The Never-Ending Traffic Between IGI Airport Terminals!

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We all have utmost love for Delhi yet the one thing that truly drives us up the wall is the loathsome traffic here. Travelling between various places is real torture and a few stretches especially those around IGI Airport Terminals genuinely give us bad dreams. Be that as it may, we’ve heard DIAL is all set to build a flyover between the terminals to minimise the traffic. WOW!

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The Y-shaped mini-flyover could have two-way access between the roads leading to T3 and Dwarka. The third leaf will be one-way. It will be taken by people driving from T1 to T3.

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DIAL is also planning to run an air train through the patch. The 5.1km-long air train will go underground between T1 and Aerocity. The train might have four stations – T1, Aerocity, Cargo Terminal and a common terminal for T1 and T2/4.

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