Skip The Sun, These Guys Are Doing Pet Grooming Services On Wheels!

Heat has taken a terrible toll over the city, and while we avoid facing the outdoors in this heat, we can also say the same for our furry pals. But just because we are not taking your pet to get groomed to avoid the heat, doesn’t mean that the groomers cannot come to you!

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The Flying Fur Mobile Pet Spa brings the comforts and amenities of an upscale grooming salon to the privacy and convenience of your home. Imagine no more running to the groomers once a week in this scorching heat!

Their fully-equipped, self-contained mobile spa has got state-of-the-art grooming equipment. It is designed to achieve maximum safety, comfort, and convenience for our pets.

Their mobile salon includes hot and cold running water for a comfortable bathing experience, heat and air for a comfortable grooming experience, a full-size tub, and an adjustable grooming table. It offers a safe, sanitary and healthy environment where pets are never put in crates or cages.

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They can even provide services while you are away from home. A mobile salon is perfect for senior pets, pets that experience car sickness, or suffer separation anxiety. 

In heat like this, regular grooming for your pets is not simply a luxury; it is a necessity for the health and well-being of your pet. The people at Flying Fur understand this, and that grooming and cleaning is an essential part of your pet’s hygiene and of course their good looks!

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Their groomers are specially trained in handling your pets tantrums and successfully delivering the best results at your doorsteps.

All you have to do is, book your appointments 3-4 days in advance and you will find their experts at your doorsteps to take care of your pooches!

The service provided by them is unmatchable and your pet itself will be a testament to that!

Where | DD-33, Kalkaji

Contact | 099111 26262

Timings | 10:00 am to 7:30 pm

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