Flea Market, Waterfalls And Pool By The Hillside, This Hotel In Goa Is Stunning!

Where | Vagator Beach, Goa

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We all love Goa, there’s no doubt about that! So, how would you feel if we told you that you could experience Goa in a new way? With waterfalls, a flea market and a pool by the hillside – we’ve got something unique for you all. And it’s absolutely mind-boggling, PERIOD!

Now, if you’re someone who loves to reside in the lap of luxury..W Goa is the hotel to stay at! In a nutshell, the hotel cum resort offers a view so pretty, you would probably wanna settle down here. And here’s something even better! The hotel has a pool right next to the charming green cover of the beach. Basically, an area both luxurious and Insta-worthy!

But, you know what? What we loved about the hotel was not just the view or the amenities. W Goa hosts lifestyle events too that get you instantly hooked! From fireeaters to music festivals and nearby flea markets keep you energised. Basically, the place is heaven for those wanting to #peaceout. So, are you falling in love?

Ps. if you climb the mountain behind the hotel, this magnificently imposing view is what greets your eyes! And if you’re lucky enough to reach the summit during sunset, can you imagine how sublime that would be?

Oh damn! Did we tell you the mountainside pool is a superimposing feature of the hotel? So, if you’re someone who loves swimming while looking at the sunset on the horizon, then get ready to be blown away!

Lovin’ it? Oops, us too! 😛

Images Courtesy | W Goa

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