India’s First Silent Concert Is Happening At Chattarpur On The New Year’s Eve!

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Why create noise when you can have as much fun without disturbing others! The headphone disco is getting famous in India and the first silent concert is legit happening in Delhi’s Chattarpur! Read on to know more.

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What To Expect?

Kick start your 2020 with a different sort of party. You’ll be given a pair of headphones, which will feature three different music channels – Techno (station 1), EDM (station 2), and Bollywood/Punjabi (station 3). Switch to any of these channels as and when you like, as per your mood.

What You’ll Love?

The colour of your headphones will switch too, making the party a little more vibrant and colourful. Apart from all the fun, you get to savour a variety of delicious food and beverages, which truly doubles up the pleasure of being here. The party is limited to 1500 people only. Get your spots today!

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Bottom Line

The hippest New Year’s Eve party is here with the most fun.

When | 31st December, 2019

Where | Qla, Mehrauli

Price | ₹1000

Location | Here

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