Delhi’s Coolest New Fair – The White Shirt Fair – Is Hitting Town Soon!

FIO - Country Kitchen & Bar

Don’t just wear a white shirt! Flaunt it! FIO – Country Kitchen & Bar in Saket is hosting a very special fair that will allow you to flaunt those muscles & curves in all whites! The fair is the brainchild of Wear Is. Wear Is, is an exclusive community that caters to all fashion needs through discussion.

Yep, that’s right, coming at the end of this month is Delhi’s coolest new fair & what better place to host a party than Garden of Five Senses!

30 Second Window:

  • The fair is simple – eat, drink, shop & repeat all afternoon long. And then when the sun sets down in the horizon, party harder!
  • FIO knows how to throw a party & you’d be surprised at what they have in store for you this time. In fact, we’ve heard that they will shut all the stalls by 8.. For what?
  • To party of course! No sane party starts with loads of light! It starts with a cool breeze, tummy warming drinks, delectable food & that guy/gal you wished you were dating!
  • Besides, if the afternoon sun sets early, fret not, just whip out some of your wallet & go check out the many designer stalls set up at the event! So, here’s wishing ya’ll a long Sunday night & a hangover Monday morning!

FIO - Country Kitchen & Bar

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you give the stalls of Apparelogy & Sarto Label a look! We hear they’re making quite the buzz in their respective industries!
  • Also check out Wear Is’s Facebook page for more information on the community & registrations for community invites.

So, check out the event’s Facebook page for constant updates & more information!

Ps. In case you forget, the dress code is all whites!

When: 29th January, 12 pm onward

Where: FIO – Country Kitchen & Bar, Garden of Five Senses

For Directions: Click Here

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