Feel Like America With This Large 26′ Pizza You Can Have Here In Delhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Palatini Pizzeria is here to offer you a giant palate of New York specials. Having a variety of fresh pizza toppings on this 26″ pizza base, you’ll find classic to royal options for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians. They have a good juicy range of toppings for you as well. Let’s see what they have to offer!

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What To Expect

Although Palatini Pizzeria has 13″ pizza base as well. But their specialty for which they get a long queue of orders is their 26″ pizza. Non-Veg lovers have options for Chicken, Pork, and Bacon. And Veggies get to choose from a wide range including everyone’s favourite Onions, Garlic, Jalapenos, and Olives.

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What You’ll Love

You can get a mix bag of different flavours and toppings in one pizza. And if you’re wondering where to get a group to finish this giant of a pizza, then worry not as they sell slices as well. So no waiting for others to get free and head straight there.

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Bottom Line

The authentic New York-style 26 inches pizza could be found nowhere in Delhi but at Palatini Pizzeria.


Where | Palatini Pizzeria, Chanakyapuri

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)

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