Fat Tiger at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj Makes Momos Healthier And It is YUM!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

On the 2nd floor of DLF Promenade lies this little Fat Tiger outlet and while the size of it the very outlet is small amidst other giant eateries, it is here to stay! With affordable, accessible and good for all options on their menu, they make sure they do not compromise on the taste either and that is hard to find!

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What to Expect?

Their vision lies in their Menu that declares itself a ‘STRICTLY NO MSG’ option out there. Asian cuisine without MSG is a huge deal and adds on to the outlet’s name. While the menu itself is not too vast, it makes available selective but incredible options with taste that will leave you satisfied.

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What You’ll Love?

Other than the fact that it is amongst the healthiest options available out there in terms of being a fast food outlet, the food itself is worth going all the way to the mall just to have their Momos or Baozi! If in need of something heavier after a long long day of shopping at the mall, get their Thai Green Curry or Orange Chilli alongside a glass of their range of ice teas – harmonious, soothing and everything in between.

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Bottom Line

You can never go wrong with Asian – Fat Tiger proves it and how!

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