Fashion Update! 5 Best Shops In Humayunpur That You Must Know!

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What happens when we ladies encounter a trend-setting fashion hub in town? Yes! we have found a hidden gem in Safdarjung Enclave which is all about fashionable stuff. So, rouse up the fashionista in you as these shops in Humayunpur are waiting for you.

1. Runway NE

If you love to update your wardrobe regularly, then you must head over to this shop. The exclusive collection starts with clothes and ends on footwear. In short, you’ll get almost everything.

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2. Exquisite

Block heels, Platform heels, Pencil heels, and whatnot! This shop has an enormous variety of shoes. Still waiting?

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3. Urbanatic Fashion Wear

We just love the culture integration! Be it bootcut jeans or flared pants, western vibes fascinate us the most.

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4. Selective Collection

The name says it all! This shop is probably the future of uniqueness as you’ll be spellbound with their cute yet selective collection.

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5. Only Urs

Do you have a thing for north-eastern Fashion? Then you’re going to love this Chinese brand that sells its unique variety all the way from Yingyuan City. Oh! Yes

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