Fancy Masks Are All Good But What About Those Who Understand You Just By Lip Reading? Ask This NGO!

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In the time of Corona, where masks have been made strictly necessary to wear, have you ever thought of people who are deaf and are only dependent on their lip-reading technique? Well this NGO known as Sanket Foundation has thought about them and has come with an interesting concept!

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What To Expect

These masks have clear windows so that every time you speak something, the person with whom you’re speaking with shall have no issues in lip-reading if he/she is deaf! Moreover, you won’t be getting any problem in speaking as this mask will be having ample space for you to speak freely, and you may also flaunt your exclusive lip shade!

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What You’ll Love

Costs at just Rs. 250, these handmade masks are reusable. Also, they have adjustable ear loops so that you can adjust according to your comfort. You won’t feel suffocated as it is made from cotton. Also, these masks have a clear window so that you’re expressions are clearly visible to the person you’re talking with, making it helpful for people working in hospitality service.


Bottom Line

This festival, gift these masks to yourself and relatives to help the community in a different way possible!

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