Experience The Taste Of Authentic Dimsums In The Heart Of Gurgaon!

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For all the Gurgaon People!! If you ever crave dimsums then, Dimyumsum is the place for you. This new pop-up does some ahmazing, insta-worthy dishes at very affordable rates, oh wow!

What To Expect?

You can expect a hell lot of variety of quirky dimsums at this place in different colours and unique taste. This place will make your day better and colourful with everything they have on their menu for you!

What You’ll love?

The quantities that they are offering is great. They are aesthetically pleasing and delicious at the same time. Once you have visited this place and have acquired the taste of the dimsums that they are offering, omg, nothing can stop you, trust us!


Bottom line

So, what are you waiting for? Head to this place asap!

Where | Gurgaon

Instagram handle | link


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