Say No To Plastics! The Dead Whale Installation At This Expo Unveiled The Perils Of Single-Use Plastics

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Its high time that we stop using plastic bags.  There has been a lot of colloquies about the detrimental effects of plastics on the environment, especially on marine lives. The 5th Smart Cities India 2019 Expo in Pragati Maidan showcased a dead whale with her mouth full of plastic bags, to raise awareness regarding plastic pollution.

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This exhibition at the Smart Cities India Expo named ‘Plasticophillic’, aimed at highlighting the catastrophic consequences of single-use plastic bags on marine lives. Green Dream Foundation, along with a team of distinguished engineers, artists and environmentalists created this giant whale art piece by recycling more than 10,000 single-use plastic bags.

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Plastic bags have been clogging drains and gutters since long, impeding the smooth flow of sewage. When these non-biodegradable plastic bags reach the water bodies, sea creatures often misinterpret them as food. Consumption of these plastic wastes has paved the way for the death of thousands of marine creatures.

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It’s the responsibility of each one of us to save our biodiversity. Say goodbye to plastics today and switch to alternatives like jute.

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