Epic Drama Series On Netflix That You Need To Watch Right Now!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Pass your time by adding some drama to your life with these Netflix Drama Series.

1. Breaking Bad

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American Neo-Western crime drama TV series where a chemistry teacher after knowing that he has cancer decides to get-into meth making business to repay his debts. Watch all the 5 seasons to know the twists and turns.

IMDb | 9.5

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things' Season 3: What to know before the premiere

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A young group of friends search for answers as they unravel the extraordinary mysteries of supernatural forces.

IMDb | 8.8

3. Sex Education

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Otis, living with his mom-The Sex Therapist gets a good guidance on personal sex education. Know more by watching the series how he and his friends face the high school problems.

IMDb |8.3

4. Dark

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The story of four families as they search for two lost kids unravel a lot of mystery and drama. Start making the family chart from season 1 to net get lost.

IMDb | 8.8

5. Brooklyn Nine Nine

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Ray Holt and his odd detectives solves crimes in Brooklyn in city of New York. If you are looking for some comedy-drama, then this should be in your watchlist.

IMDb | 8.4

6. Money Heist

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The Spanish drama series where “The Professor” with his masterminds plans the biggest robbery. Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Bella Ciao. Oh! This will be on your tongue after watching this series.

IMDb | 8.4

7. Suits

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Harvey Specter one of the best lawyers of New York hires Mike Ross a young dropout as his associate but doesn’t want anyone to know his real identity. Watch the series to know how he hides his identity.

IMDb | 8.5

8. House of Cards

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Frank Underwood along with his wife quest to seek revenge from those who betrayed him while successfully rising to supremacy. Watch this first Netflix original series based on America’s politics.

IMDb | 8.7

Bottom Line

Binge watch these amazing drama series on Netflix to enjoy your weekends.










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