Enjoy The Crispy Waffles, Flavourful Shakes, And Freshly Baked Crepes At Home From This Place!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

The mixture of ‘Crepes’ and ‘Café makes this place a wonder! Crepe-fe is a brand started in 2017 with an idea of serving the sweetest mouth-watering delicacies such as crepes, pancakes, shakes, and more direct to home. What all it offers and how it offers is the thing that made us go WOW for this place!


What To Expect

Crepe-fe, a casual ‘made for delivery’ joint offers freshly baked crepes, waffles, pancakes, and a lot more. No need to worry about the taste as all the delicacies, including the sauces, batter, and everything is made afresh in-house only!


What You’ll Love

You need not go to the place and wait for your order to come and have it as these people get your favourite sweet serve delivered within no time! As the pandemic have still not left us, utmost priority is given to hygiene, that is, their tools, table, the person making and delivering your order, everything is sanitized and checked so that you can eat carefreely!


Bottom Line

Indulge in the creamy dream of crepes and desserts with the sugary taste of Crepe-fe!


Where | Ardee City, Gurugram

Timing | 3 P.M- 3 A.M

Check Them Out | Here

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