Emoi The Ice Cream Tuk-Tuk Is Here In West Delhi With Paw Shaped Ice Creams!

Emoi – the tuk-tuk ice cream parlour has finally made headways to West Delhi. Haven’t heard of these guys? Here’s a little reality check. Emoi serves amazing flavour bomb ice creams like – Banoffee, Paan, Peppermint and everything delicious in the middle! So, it’s no wonder they are such a big hit with every single customer that pigged out here!

30 Second Window:

  • The good people here at Emoi are silently brilliant. Why, did you ask? Imagine every great favour you ever lusted for served on a stick or a cone! But that’s not enough to impress you, is it?
  • Which is exactly why Emoi brings to you ice creams that are shaped like a paw and another like a Cadbury Chocolate! But the list doesn’t end here yo. How could it?
  • They even have smiley face ice creams, a 3 tier ice cream for those who can like everything big! Yep, they have a heart shaped ice cream that so easily brings them to the forefront of ice cream innovation. No jokes eh!
  • So, after all this gup-shup, where have they finally ‘gado their jhanda’? Pacific Mall of course! Where else do you think a lustful affair like Emoi would go if not a humongous mall? Which, by the way, we can finally say is complete with Emoi’s presence!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you try out their – Pawfee (cold coffee ice cream), Chocosnuggle, Sovelvet! But please understand that these are simply the tip of the iceberg because there’s just so much more that you hog on while here.

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page here.

Location | Pacific Mall

Nearest Metro Station | Subhash Nagar Metro Station

And Pay | INR 200

Other Tuk-Tuks | DLF Place, Saket / DLF Mall of India / DLF Cyber Hub

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