‘Trance’ Yourself Into This Extended NY Bash With Eelke Kleijn And RÆDL At Green Park

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Who said New Year celebrations are over? Get ready to extend the NY bash with Eelke Kleijn and RÆDL with some kickass trance music this weekend.

What To Expect?

Continue the celebration of the year 2020 by satisfying your musical appetite with an evening like no other. Raasta in association with Nightvibe kicks-off 2020 with the Dutch Techno/House icon Eelke Kleijn -the boss of the DAYS like NIGHTS label with support from Delhi’s own RÆDL at Green Park.

What You’ll Love?

The natural air that Eelke brings to all facets of his music is something that’s reflected in its organic feel, and it has helped his creative identity to shine in a crowded scene. DAYS like NIGHTS is becoming an increasingly important part of what he does. Serving as a multi-faceted platform where he enjoys total creative control, it encompasses a label, and podcast and spectacular parties.

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Bottom Line

Get your squad along, go wild on the techno beats and high on potent spirits and cocktails.

When | 10th January, 9 PM onwards

Where | Raasta, Green Park

Price | ₹524

Tickets | Book Here

Location | Here

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