Jam to ‘Stereo Love’ With Romanian DJ Edward Maya. Relive Some Old Memories

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Romanian DJ and music sensation Edward Maya is coming to perform in the city. When was the last time you jammed to stereo love and desert rose? Trying hard to recollect? This is your chance to relive those memories. Read on for the deets!

What’s It All About?

If you remember the good old days when you sang along and tapped your feet to stereo love, then you’ve got to accept that it was great music and made you want to dance! Experiencing this legend live in concert is got to be nothing less than a childhood dream come true. So here are the details!

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The event will happen at the key nightclub which is a newly opened place that gives you major royalty feels! Almost as if Gatsby is somewhere in that party. Great food, amazing drinks, an ambience to die for and of course Edward Maya in concert. So grab your tickets and wait for the ball to drop. It’s going to get pretty crazy on the dance floor!

When | 15th March

Where | Key Nightclub

Location | Click Here

Tickets | Click Here 

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