Eco-Friendly Yoga Day! NDMC Replaces The Regular Yoga Mats With The Khadi Ones!

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International Yoga Day is just around the corner and New Delhi Municipal Council has planned to replace the regular Yoga mats with the one made with khadi. The regular Yoga mats are made of synthetic fiber which has a shelf life of 2-3 years disrupting the idea of recycling.

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Yoga divas is celebrated by many people, and this year the municipal council of our town has taken a decision of celebrating this day by going all green. The civic agency has placed the order, to initiate with, first 500 mats will be installed for people.

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This day will be celebrated at four locations the town including Rajpath and Nehru Park. Organizations such as Art of living, Brahma Kumaris, and many more are making their way. So come and celebrate this day by going eco-friendly!

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