This Delhi Based Eco-Fashion Brand Is Your Perfect Wardrobe Detox


Did you know that almost every piece of clothing in your wardrobe generates waste? If every piece of clothing on the shelf had price tags, telling you not what they costed in money, but their impact on the environment and farmers/artisans/craftsmen, shopping sprees wouldn’t be as therapeutic as they are deemed to be! Post-cutting waste, stitching waste, defected fabrics, misprints and end of the line fabrics in mass production setups account to approximately 16-20% of the total fabric consumption. That’s somewhere around 1500-2000 pieces of fabric a day. The perfect alternative is switching to eco-fashion.

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Doodlage – the eco-fashion brand based out of Delhi is changing how the fashion industry runs with mass-produced cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics that use up resources and end up polluting the environment. The work with fabrics that are discarded during production hence saving resources that would have gone into making virgin fabric while reducing wastes that the industry is generating!

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They make cute dresses, jackets, tops and bottoms along with some great quirky travel accessories and wallets. Moreover, the clothes they make require less washing too. Less effort to you, and less impact on the environment. If that wasn’t cool enough, they use only recyclable clothes and paper to ship their products.

If your new year resolution is to be kind, then try being kind to the only planet we have. Give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air with some clothes and accessories that you know will not harm the air you breathe in. Shop for the cutest clothes, all while staying eco-friendly. How refreshing is that?

And spread the word. This isn’t something that needs to stay offbeat. Make it mainstream. It’s the least we could do for the land we walk on.

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