Eat With Your Eyes: A Day Well Spent At The AnnaMaya Food Hall In Aerocity

Even as you enter Andaz Delhi – a luxury lifestyle hotel by Hyatt in Aerocity, there’s not much that melts your imagination. Until you slowly make your way to its picturesque and immersive Food Hall – AnnaMaya.

Those who are new to the concept of Food Halls, listen up! AnnaMaya is one of the best places in Delhi based on the European concept of food halls. [Don’t seem surprised, the concept is quite fascinating and on the rise!]

The place offers 5 different sections including a live kitchen while remaining true to its Indian roots – making it a treat to the senses [and the stomach, of course].

And get this! Even as we relaxed in the super comfortable sofas, we were surprised to see an aunty grab a bunch of fruits from a traditional food cart near the entrance to AnnaMaya. You seem confused. Let us help you!

AnnaMaya has a very simple ‘funda’ – Eat Mindful. Shop Artisinal. Raise Awareness.

And the entire concept behind the Food Hall revolves around these three edicts. The food hall doesn’t just offer meals to diners, it lets you buy the organic food products in your meal along with the cutlery in which you eat it. Left your jaw hanging? Trust us, we were left flabbergasted as well!

In fact, the noticeable point to remember while buying these is that every single one of them has been made in India. So, by selling these items, AnnaMaya achieves two missions – representing and putting the spotlight on the stories behind these items.

And we couldn’t help but notice a bunch of spices, coffees on sale with the stories making it easier to understand the inspiration behind AnnaMaya.

Moreover, once we found out about this, we knew we had hit struck gold and that AnnaMaya is too unique to pass over. However, let’s put the stories to rest for now and dive into the food hall more intricately, shall we?

The food hall has been divided into 5 sections – Dessert Bar, Beverage Section, Salad Bar, Bakery, Live Kitchen & Tandoor.

And each of the 5 sections offers an ambience that borders on European standards while staying Indian with tons of motifs hanging from the wall. In fact, as the hours blew past and the sun changed shades, we found ourselves nestled – licking our chops – in this sweet little spot.

The vibrant colours of the window let a different shade of sunlight in with every passing hour. Keeping things pleasantly surprised with an aesthetic beauty that remains aces in our books.

Surprisingly, the fun pops of green, yellow, red and orange don’t just shimmer from the windows. The glass bottles in the fresh juice section make things engaging as you wait for the people behind the counter to help you chug only the freshest of juices made available thanks to the season’s best produce. This, by the way, is also the story behind everything you eat at the savoury sections of the food hall.

AnnaMaya only serves meals, desserts and juices made using healthy food recipes that are in season and fresh. So, you might find it rather funny that if the ingredients are anything but fresh and in-season, the entire meal or juice is struck off the menu. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

Which, brings us to the most amazing part of the food hall that we couldn’t help but gush about with the people working here.

AnnaMaya changes its menu every few weeks – keeping things surprising. Imagine eating something new every 2 weeks and experiencing India and Europe on A PLATE!! That’s what awaited us and trust us; it was worth the long journey we made from the other end of the city.

By the way, did we tell you that the concept of live kitchens here is G.O.A.T? You can literally watch your tandoor meals, your bread, your desserts, juices, your every smile with each bite come to life in nanoseconds!

With only a glass panel between the live kitchen and you, you don’t just eat anything they shell out. You see, eat, enjoy and order again on every visit!!

And that’s why those living near Aerocity swear by the place and not just the travellers and the urban nomads like us that drop by. The place has everything for an 8-year-old and a 90-year-old. Including you, your family, friends and the list goes on!!

Until you experience it and swear by it, ’cause it is quite literally nothing like anything.

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