Eat Omelette From These 10 Places In Delhi To Have An Egglicious Day Ahead!

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‘Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande’, yes and why not, eggs are the powerhouse you need to soothe away the winter diseases, plus it is recommended by every other person, even your mom to eat it at least twice a week and if you want to have the best of it, these 10 places are the one you should pay a visit.


1. Rahul Egg Corner

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At first, comes this place, situated in Ashok Nagar, Rahul Egg corner is the place serving around 300 variety of eggs, from scrambled to tandoori, all at one place!

Where | Lawrence Road

Price For Two | Rs. 350 (approx.)


2. Mithlesh Ande Wala

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Mithlesh ande wala is the place if you wan to eat some fluffy bread and egg omlette which is sufficient for two people for a good breakfast! They serve with a green chutney which goes best with it.

Where | Tilak Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


3. Soda Bottle Opener Wala

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What can be better to go with your favourite chai and bun maska? A scrambled or half-done egg, to make the meal just perfect, and this can be done by no one else but this famous Irani cafe!

Where | Khan Market

Price For Two | Rs. 450 (approx.)


4. Sardarji Omelette

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Under Pragati Maidan Metro Station, there sits an old man, and he is selling bread omelette from almost 77 years and they taste really good, go and pay a visit to this kind old man with lots of flavour in his hands!

Where | Pragati Maidan Metro Station

Price For Two | Rs. 100 (approx.)


5. Khan Omelette

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At such an affordable price, you get a bomb of taste and spices. If you’re inclined more towards health then go for its lite omelette, but if you want to have taste, then cheese omelette is the soul satisfied which you should opt!

Where | Lal Kuan Road, Chandni Chowk

Price For Two | Rs. 150 (approx.)


6. All American Dinner

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If you want to have a proper American Breakfast then this is your place. Situated in Habitat Centre, this p;ace serves awesome omelette bread with toppings of your choice, and even a platter too.

Where | Indian Habitat Centre

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


7. Triveni Terrace Cafe

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Triveni terrace cafe is the place where you can have your breakfast with a beautiful view of the city! They serve omelette which feels just like the one you make at home, with no filters added!

Where | Mandi House

Price For Two | Rs. 400 (approx.)


8. Deluxe Butter Omelette

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As the name suggests, this place serves some delicious butter omelette that no one serves in the entire city. Talking about the basic one, their omelette surrounded with buttery toast is the one you can go for.

Where | Rohini

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


9. Dwarka Pizza Omelette

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The heftiest omelette you would have ever seen is this, covered with a whole lot of toppings of onion, dry fruits and whatnot, this can become a meal for a time!

Where | Sector 7, Dwarka

Price For Two | Rs. 180 (approx.)


10. Eggspectation

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Situated in Jaypee Siddhartha, this one place will surely please you. The fine dining place will make your breakfast so comfortable and luxurious like never before! Try their Eggstravaganza for a good treat!

Where | Rajendra Place

Price For Two | Rs. 1500 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Have an Eggciting star of the day with a good breakfast from these places!


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