Craving Bong Dishes? Check-Out These 10 Places In CR Park To Polish Off Mughlai Parantha, Kabiraji Cutlet And More This Durga Puja

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With the end of pitripaksha on Mahalaya, starts the devipaksha, which marks the beginning of the grand festival of the bongs, Durga Puja. It is that one celebration that is entwined in the deepest emotions of every Bengali and they wait for the entire year to welcome Devi Durga or Dashabhuja (the goddess with ten hands).  Durga Puja goes beyond simply worshipping the goddess, and it celebrates the verve of reunion, jovialty and peace. And how can it be complete without trying out some authentic, delectable bong dishes? Afterall, foodie is just another synonym for Bengalis! Here are 10 places in Chittaranjan Park you gotta defo check out to suffice the Bengali soul in you:

1.Madly Bangalee

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Where | K1/52, Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Posto Narkel Bora, Bhetki Paturi, Luchi, Misti Pulao, Daab Chingri, Chital Muitha Curry

2. Dadu Cutlet Shop

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Where | 39, C.S.C Market 2, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Cutlet ( mutton, chicken, fish), egg devil chop, seekh kebab roll, Samosa, Piyazi

4. Kolkata Biryani House

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Where | Shop 49, Ground Floor, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Biryani, Romali Rolls, Mughlai Paratha, Chicken Bharta

3.Roll And Roast

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Where | 7, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

#DFD Recommends | Chicken Fingers, Mocha Chop, Kobiraji Cutlet

4. Vikas Bishwas – Jhaal Muri Waala

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Where | Market 2, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Ankur Chaat, Bhel Puri, Jhaal Muri

5. Bijoli Grill

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Where | Shop 11, CSC Market 1, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Aam Panna, Kochi Patha Kacha Lonkar Jhol, Basanti Pulao, Murshidabadi Veg Fry, Bhapa Murgi, Panch Rokom Bhaja, Phoolkopir Cutlet, Radhaballavi

6. Maa Tara

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Where | 45, 46, & 47, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Fish Kurkure, Maa Tara Special Thali

7. Kamala Sweets

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Where | K/1-101, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Chanadrapuli, Labanga Latika, Baked Roshogolla, Mishti Doi, Dorbesh, Milk Cake

8. Ghugni Wala

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Where | Market 1, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Mutton Ghugnee

9. Raju Phuchka Wala

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Where | Near Canara Bank, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Kolkata Phuckas

10. Radhunee

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Where | 145, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park

#DFD Recommends | Begun Basanti, Muri Ghonto, Topshe Fry, Payesh, Gondhotaj Ghol

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