Drop Everything! Bira 91’s Celebrating International Curry Week, Yay!

Complementing flavours is one of the simplest ways to make a delicious food and beer pairing! In fact, as a foodie, we’ve realized that one such combo is beer and curries. Agreed? Well, so does Bira 91, for that matter – ‘cause they’ve launched something truly unique!

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So, the International Curry Week is taking place not just in Delhi but across 3 countries! [Although we’re only interested in the one and only Saddi Dilli. :P]

And here are 3 gobsmacking reasons to attend the ICW:
  1. Bira 91 has paired with multiple restaurants across Delhi like, Mahabelly, Shibuya, JomJom Malay, Kylin, Café Delhi heights.
  2. The International Curry Week is basically celebrating the pairing of India’s fav beer with flavours from around the world! And each restaurant will be offering their signature curries during this time.
  3. And now for the big one! 😉 During the entire International Curry Week, every restaurant will be offering their signature curries paired with a Bira 91! *Sip, sip, hurray*
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What we love about the Bira 91 International Curry Week

Besides everything we just told ya? 😛

For starters, you can buy the tix here! But more importantly, the ICW is gonna be on till the 28th of October!

Can you imagine how much you’ll be able to gobble down during this time? Well, how about this…NEVER ENOUGH!

In fact, you’d probably find us at some of these restaurants too, sipping on a cold one and savoring those spectacular flavours!

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Bottom Line

You’re gonna love the next few weeks ‘cause it’s all about the FOOD!

So, snag ’em tickets here and thank us later!

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