Dough My God In East Of Kailash Delivers Crusty And Cheesy Pizzas Till 4 AM

For the best of the ever-changing pizza landscape in Delhi, check out this pizza Bible! Dough My God in East Of Kailash offers more than 50 types of pizzas that are just absolutely gobsmacking with cheese dripping from every corner.

What to expect at Dough My God in East Of Kailash

Whether you love pizzas that are loaded with veggies or come with a truckload of meaty goodness, you’re gonna love this place. So, besides the fact these guys offer more than 50 types of pizzas, they also deliver them until 4 AM! 😉

In fact, the place is much like a magnet when it comes to pizzas. You can refuse it once, twice but then once you eat it, you’re gonna want to eat more! And a truckload of it, to be honest!

Besides, you should definitely try their Hawaiin, Butter Chicken & Garden Fresh pizzas! People they love it, they eat it and they re-order it!

What we love about Dough My God in East Of Kailash

The fact that they offer pizzas until 4 AM is a boon enough. Over that, if they offer 50+ pizzas – we’re love yo!

Bottom Line

You can’t say no to it more than twice!

Where | In East of Kailash

Price For Two | INR 450

Facebook Page |

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