Can’t Resist Cuddling A Dog? Here Are Few Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Stray One!


Humans and dogs share a unique bond, something which is unsaid yet beautiful. A dog is a man’s true companion, and all they need is love. With growing urbanisation and diminishing time for socialising, owning a dog is our go-to solution for solidarity. Be it a well-bred dog or a stray one, dogs are creatures of love. Rather, adopting a stray instead of shopping one works as a wonderful option. Why?

30 Second Window:

  • Stray dogs are tough,¬†pretty macho!
  • They have lived out on the streets and know what life is like.
  • They are fearless and will never chicken out if their owner is at risk.
  • Strays are usually smarter than bred dogs.
  • They are just as cute as any other dog.
  • They want love and hence in reciprocation, they might love you even more.¬†


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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • Stray dogs are just as good as those high-bred dogs. All they need is a little bit love, and you’ll end up having a friend forever. So, adopt a stray ASAP!

Would you rather buy love or adopt happiness? Don’t discriminate and adopt a stray.

Where To Adopt:¬†Ideally, the best place would be Friendicoes but you can check out a few more NGO’s to learn more!

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